Inclusivity Fund Profile - Angelica Burgos

Note: Our Sea Turtle Inclusivity Fund provides financial support for young leaders from local communities near sea turtle habitats in developing countries around the world to advance their careers. This is a piece written by our most recent scholarship winner.

My name is Angelica Burgos. I am a Marine Biology student at the Universidad de Oriente Núcleo Nueva Esparta (Venezuela). From an early age, I have awakened an interest in animals and nature. I have been a collaborator of wildlife conservation programs on Isla de Margarita, and for years I belonged to the Scouts Association of Venezuela.

I haven't been able to continue with my plans because I have a chronic health situation, which, although not serious, has limited my opportunities. For me, this scholarship means an opportunity to continue my studies focused on marine life and conservation, and an impetus to start researching the threats facing sea turtles to generate possible solutions in the future. The Island of Margarita-Venezuela has great biodiversity and needs professionals who are dedicated to getting to know it to take care of it and conserve it. I want to be part of the solution and build a better world where the conservation of marine species is a priority.

With this inclusivity fund grant I have the opportunity to start a path towards sea turtle research, which will strengthen my training and will motivate me to generate real actions in the world of conservation.

Thanks to the SEE turtles Team for the great opportunity and to the MSc Marine Biologist Clemente Balladares for being a fundamental support for the procedures to obtain this scholarship, for his dedication, and for being the guide in this process.