Cryptocurrency & NFT Sponsors

SEE Turtles is excited to be participating in the cypto-philanthropy movement! Support from NFTs and cryptocurrency donors is helping us expand our programs to support efforts to save sea turtles around the world.

Our collaborations offer:

  • A concrete and transparent way to show your community's commitment to protecting the ocean.

  • Promotion to our network of 150,000+ social media followers including our various Twitter accounts as well as interaction with your channels.

  • Assets including photos, videos, and logos to share in marketing efforts.

  • Participation in your project's online community including Discord and Telegram.

*See our full list of sponsor benefits in our sponsor packet below.

SEE Turtles connects people with sea turtles in meaningful, personal and, memorable ways. Our programs include:

  • Billion Baby Turtles supports turtle nesting beaches around the world through small grants. Learn more here.

  • Too Rare To Wear works to end demand for tortoiseshell products around the world. Learn more here.

  • Sea Turtles & Plastic works with conservation partners around the world to rid plastic in sea turtle habitats. Learn more here.

  • Our Sea Turtle Conservation Trips give people opportunities to work hands-on with conservationists to study and protect sea turtles. Learn more about our conservation trips here.

Download our Crypto Sponsorship Packet here

Current Sponsors

Next Earth is the only blockchain-based virtual land ownership platform on the exact copy of Earth. A portion of all land NFTs are allocated to a charity wallet that includes SEE Turtles. To date, we have received more than $25,000 in donations.

Turtles are a one-of-a-kind algorithmically generated NFT. Through Dec 2021, they have donated US $30,000 to support nesting beaches through our Billion Baby Turtles program.

$BEACH is a deflationary DeFi token where 2% of every transaction funds ocean conservation around the world. To date, Beach Token has matched a $1,500 grant to our Billion Baby Turtles program partner Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative.