Donate To Help Reduce Plastic In Sea Turtle Habitats

Our new Sea Turtles & Plastic Campaign is working to reduce plastic in sea turtle habitats around the world. Your support will go towards efforts to reduce single use plastic, create new products from ocean plastic, and supporting plastic reduction programs by sea turtle conservation organizations around the world. We will also step up our advocacy to encourage businesses, governments, and individuals to reduce plastic pollution through Travelers Against Plastic, our new Sea Turtles & Plastic newsletter, and social media outreach.

Your support will go to the following efforts:

  • Eco Mayto (Mexico): This project works with 5 communities along the Pacific coast to collect plastic that would be burned and to keep plastic off of turtle nesting beaches. Your support will allow the organization to invest in equipment that will allow them to double the amount of plastic recycled on site, making kids chairs, roof tiles, and other products. The money raised by the sale of these products will support turtle conservation and local community members.

  • Our efforts to advocate for ending ocean plastic pollution to businesses, governments, the travel industry, & the general public. We will also work to connect sea turtle conservation projects and sponsors to the growing effort to turn ocean plastic into useful products.

Funded Projects:

  • Green Phenix (Curacao): This grant will help conduct beach cleanups and purchase the equipment to turn this waste into new products, which will benefit green turtles living in Curacao’s waters, create jobs for local residents, and help the project become self-sustaining. $5,000 grant provided Nov 2021.

  • Research Center for Environmental Management and Development (CIMAD) (Colombia): This grant will train women in the community of Pangui to recycle plastic into products that will reduce pollution & provide income to local families and conservation efforts. $5,000 grant provided Nov 2021.

  • COBEC (Kenya): This grant organize cleanups, educate communities about reducing waste, and make products including building materials, souvenirs, & more. $5,000 grant provided Dec 2021.