Saving Sea Turtles With Dots.Eco

SEE Turtles is thrilled to be partnering with Dots.Eco to help protect sea turtles around the world. With the support of Dots.Eco, SEE Turtles is working with partners to help protect important turtle nesting beaches and clean plastic out of important turtle habitats.

Nesting beaches supported by

Ayotlcalli, Mexico

“Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli A.C.” is an organization dedicated to protecting endangered sea turtles which nest in the area of Playa Blanca, Playa Larga and Barra de Potosi, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, México. Estimated hatchlings saved: 5,700

Tortugas de Osa, Costa Rica

Tortugas de Osa is community-led association that aims to integrate and educate local people in the conservation of the sea turtle nesting beaches of Rio Oro and Carate. Estimated hatchlings saved: 77,000



Paso Pacifico: Pacific coast, Nicaragua

Paso Pacifico is working to clean 10 turtle nesting beach along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. They will separate the waste and recycle what is possible through their Junior Rangers program. Total estimated plastic collected: 25,000 lbs

Karumbe: Uruguay

Karumbe works to clean plastic waste around the communities of La Coronilla y Punta del Diablo. This area is one of the worst in the world for ingestion of plastic waste by sea turtles. Total estimated plastic collected: 50,000

Our World, Our Sea: Ghana

This organization conducts beach cleanups along twelve community beaches and three fish landing sites. Total estimated plastic collected: 56,000

COBEC: Kenya

This project brings together key stakeholders from different sectors in a joint effort to find solutions to reduce plastic pollution in the Marereni seascape. Total estimated plastic collected: 22,000

Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST): Costa Rica

LAST works to protect sea turtles on both of Costa Rica’s coasts. These funds will help cover beach cleanups in Pacuare and Moin on the Caribbean as well as the Osa Peninsula. Total estimated plastic collected: 125,000

Palawan Biodiversity Conservation Advocates: Philippines

The mission of Palawan Biodiversity is to actively work for the protection, conservation, enhancement, and sustainable management of biodiversity in the province of Palawan and Puerto Princesa City. Total estimated plastic collected: 21,000

Turtle Love: Costa Rica 

Turtle Love runs a community-based conservation project working to protect sea turtles nesting at Playa Tres, the 6-km stretch of beach immediately south of Tortuguero National Park. Total estimated plastic collected: 30,000

Bahari Hai: Kenya

This new organization works in the Kanani area, which accumulates significant plastic pollution due to the monsoon. Total estimated plastic to be collected: 23,000