#GivingTuesday Update

2021 has been a year of recovery and growth after a challenging 2020. This year, we launched two new programs, the Sea Turtle Inclusivity Fund and our Sea Turtles and Plastic campaign that will help many communities participate in sea turtle conservation efforts. Our Billion Baby Turtles helped save a record number of hatchlings and Too Rare To Wear is launching a ground-breaking new tool to combat the tortoiseshell trade.

With your support this #GivingTuesday, SEE Turtles can continue saving more hatchlings every year, creating new tools to stop the tortoiseshell trade, get more plastic out of turtle habitats, and support more diverse young conservationists.

How are your funds helping save sea turtles?

This year, our Billion Baby Turtles program has helped save an estimated 1.8 million hatchlings at more than 40 beaches this year including:

  • Comunidad Protectora de Tortugas de Osa (Costa Rica): We provided $10,000 in funding for this community-focused project that will save an estimated 350,000 olive ridley and green turtle hatchlings.

  • Pronatura Yucatan (Mexico): Our grant of more than $6,000 will help save more than 13,000 hawksbill and green turtle hatchlings at three beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula.

  • Turtle Foundation (Indonesia): This year, we provided $12,000 to protect three beaches that protect leatherbacks, green turtles, and olive ridleys. These funds will an estimated more than 45,000 hatchlings.

  • Barbados Sea Turtle Project: Our $3,000 grant will help to save an estimated 9,000 hawksbill, green, and leatherback hatchlings.

Too Rare To Wear is finalizing the world’s first phone application that uses AI technology to fight the illegal wildlife trade. This app, called SEE Shell, will allow travelers, law enforcement, and others to quickly and accurately identify these products. Stay tuned for the public launch in early 2022.

Our new Sea Turtles & Plastic program launched with great success, funding our first three projects! These projects in Colombia, Curacao, & Kenya will help get plastic waste out of sea turtle habitat and turn that waste into useful products that benefit local residents and conservation efforts. Support our new project in Mexico and learn more about our funded projects here.

Our Sea Turtle Inclusivity Fund, also launched this year, has provided its first two scholarships for young women from Costa Rica and Brazil to get build their careers in the conservation field.

Photo by Lulu Muse

Photo by Brad Nahill

Goals for 2022

Building on this success, SEE Turtles is planning an even bigger year next year. Our goals include:

  • We’re going to save more than 3 million hatchlings next year and bring on at least 10 new nesting beaches to the Billion Baby Turtles program

  • We’re going to launch the SEE Shell app to help combat the tortoiseshell trade and train law enforcement officials in 4 countries

  • We’re going to fund at least 10 plastic projects that will have a real impact on sea turtle habitats around the world and get tons of trash off nesting beaches

  • We’re going to help at least 10 students and local community members grow their careers and become leaders in their communities

  • Finally, we’re launching new trips to Panama & Costa Rica to provide more volunteer and financial support for conservation and local communities.

We’re expecting an even bigger 2022, can you help us reach our big new goals?