Saving Baby Turtles With JoySuds 

SEE Turtles is thrilled to be partnering with JoySuds to help protect baby sea turtles with every purchase of their new line of Pure Joy products. With the support of JoySuds, SEE Turtles will help save more than a half million hatchlings at important turtle nesting beaches each year.

Nesting beaches supported by Pure joy to date

Colola Beach, Mexico

This program, run in collaboration between the local Nahua indigenous community and the University of Michoacan, is the most important nesting beach in the world for black turtles, a sub-species of green turtles that can be found in the Eastern Pacific ocean.

Estimated hatchlings saved: 375,000

Punta Pargos, Costa Rica

Sea Turtles Forever has worked to protect black turtles and olive ridleys nesting on this beach since 2002. They work with the local community to monitor the beach, protect the nests, and remove microplastic from the beach.

Estimated hatchlings saved: 1,000