Cleaning Turtle Habitats Around the World with Our Sponsor Dots.Eco

We’re excited to be working with Dots.Eco, a company that offers environmental incentives for games and other apps. Through our collaboration, Dots.Eco is helping to fund cleanup of an estimated 350,000 lbs of plastic waste from sea turtle nesting beaches and foraging areas in seven countries in coordination with eight of our Sea Turtles & Plastic partners! Learn more about our collaboration with Dots.Eco here.

The funding will support the following efforts:

Paso Pacifico

Paso Pacifico works with communities and local organizations to clean plastic from turtle nesting beaches along the country’s Pacific coast.

Location: Nicaragua

Total estimated plastic collected: 25,000 lbs

Photo: Paso Pacifico


Karumbe is a community-based project that is working with Plastic Free Sea Turtles to reduce plastic pollution in the bay at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, one of the worst areas for sea turtles consuming plastic in the world.

Location: Uruguay

Total estimated plastic collected: 50,000 lbs

Our World, Our Sea

Beach clean ups will be done along twelve community beaches and three fish landing sites. They also perform sensitization in local communities and schools to increase awareness on the need for sea turtle conservation.

Location: Ghana

Total estimated plastic collected: 56,000 lbs

Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST)

LAST works to protect sea turtles at projects on both of Costa RIca’s coasts. These funds will help conduct monthly cleanups at their project sites on the Osa Peninsula, Pacuare Beach, and Moin.

Location: Costa Rica

Total estimated plastic collected: 125,000 lbs

Photo: Latin American Sea Turtles

Palawan Biodiversity Conservation Advocates

Palawan Biodiversity organizes one clean-up a month in different barangays or villages in Puerto Princesa City.

Location: Philippines

Total estimated plastic collected: 21,000 lbs


The Community empowerment and outreach project that seeks to protect and conserve sea turtles and their habitat in Marereni seascape, has a component on ocean plastic waste collection and recycling. More than 30 locals have benefited directly whereas over 300 individuals indirectly from the project in terms of monies that come from the recycled artifacts. 

Location: Kenya

Total estimated plastic collected: 22,000 lbs

Photo: COBEC

Turtle Love 

Turtle Love runs a community-based conservation project working to protect sea turtles nesting at Playa Tres, the 6-km stretch of beach immediately south of Tortuguero National Park. Tortuguero National Park.

Location: Costa Rica

Total estimated plastic collected: 30,000 lbs

Bahari Hai

In 2021 a group of community members came together with a common desire to make a difference in their own environment and to do so with an organization built upon a solid foundation of good governance and strong leadership. The target area is Kanani area (Watamu to Malindi), in the north coast of Kenya. This area was chosen because this section of coastline which accumulates a lot of waste due to the Kuzi monsoon.

Location: Kenya

Total estimated plastic collected: 23,000 lbs