Round Up Your Online Purchases To Save Sea Turtles!

Sign up with RoundlyX to donate quickly and easily every month. Roundly connects your credit or debit card and rounds up each online purchase to the next dollar, donating the difference to support our work! Signing up takes just a minute and then Roundly does the rest.

Now every time you make an everyday purchase you can be making a difference. We can do so much more with just your spare change!

RoundlyX is a spare change roundup app that rounds up the spare change amount from everyday purchases, then sends us the proceeds. For example if you buy a cup of coffee for $2.95, RoundlyX accrues the 5 cents (amount to the nearest whole dollar) and sends it to us. You can track your impact in real-time from the app.

Getting started is easy. Click the signup button above and start rounding up into SEE Turtles in less than two minutes.