SEE Shell App Instructions

To identify products which may have been made from the shell of a hawksbill sea turtle, simply snap a photo using the Camera Icon or select an image of the item in question from your phone’s photo library and SEE Shell will alert you instantly!

Safety Tips: Always prioritize your safety, a photo is not worth putting yourself into a potentially dangerous situation so please use discretion.

  • Selling tortoiseshell is illegal in most places and sellers might be reluctant to allow photo taking. Always ask permission first before taking any photos and do not engage with sellers about the products.

  • Only take a few photos; taking a large number may raise suspicions.

  • We do not recommend engaging with law enforcement officials if you come across illegal products. We will coordinate with local authorities where possible. See FAQ’s for more information.

  • These reports are anonymous, we do not store your personal information and you will not be connected with this report.

Tips for Photographing Items

A clear, focused shot of a single item with proper distance and angles will help Shell Alert make an accurate prediction.

  1. Ensure the image is in focus and centered. If the item in question is only partially made of tortoiseshell, try and focus that segment in the center of your photo.

2. Try and ensure only a single item, or at the very least a single ‘type’ of item is in frame. “Group” images with multiple ‘real’ and ‘fake’ products will likely give inaccurate results.

3. Avoid getting too close to the item in question. Ensure that the lighting, pattern, and possibly the shape of the item are clearly visible.

4. Avoid glare in your photo, their presence will likely give inaccurate results.