Sustainable Travel Sponsorships

Healthy Sea Turtle Populations Benefits Tourism

Sea turtles keep coral reefs and seagrass beds healthy, great for snorkelers and divers. Tourists love seeing sea turtles in the water and on the beach and participating in turtle watching or volunteer programs is a highlight for many. Turtle hatchlings provide food for a wide variety of wildlife, which your travelers will appreciate. Sea turtles also help control populations of jellyfish. And no traveler wants to hang out on a beach polluted with plastic waste.

SEE Turtles runs several programs focused on making the travel industry more friendly for sea turtles:

  • Sea Turtles & Plastic: We support plastic cleanup and recycling programs that benefit turtles, communities, & travelers.

  • Too Rare To Wear: Travelers are the biggest consumers of illegal tortoiseshell products, our campaign works to end this trade in key spots around the world.

  • Sea Turtle Conservation Travel: Connecting people with sea turtles at important sites around the world.

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Benefits of Being A Sustainable Travel Sponsor

  • Consumer Friendly & Transparent: We provide high quality assets for your clients and share concrete results from your support to use in your marketing.

  • Large Reach: We have a large and dedicated audience that includes more than 200,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email and our websites average more than 40,000 unique monthly visitors.

  • Eye-Catching: We have high quality photos, video, and logos available for use by partners to help promote the partnership.

  • Leadership: SEE Turtles has been a leader in sea turtle conservation since 2008. We have generated more than $1 million for turtle conservation and communities around the world. For these efforts, we were awarded the prestigious Changemakers Award from the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Skal Sustainable Tourism Award.

  • True partnership: We don’t just ask for a check and put your name on our supporters page; we actively seek out ways to benefit both organizations. See our Sponsor Benefits in our packet (above) for details.